Toenail Fungus Treatments

Completely Eliminate Your Toenail Fungus — Revolutionary Laser Treatment (No Medications or Lotions) With Over 95% Success Rate

Dallas Laser Med Offers the Most Effective FDA-Approved Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis) in Dallas. If You Have Toenail Fungus, We Have the Solution You Have Been Looking For.

Toenail FungusThe most common approaches to treating toenail fungus involve a combination of oral medication and topical lotions or creams.

Problem is, those just don't work.

Not consistently at least. And while a lotion or cream might only be a messy waste of time, oral medications for treating toenail fungus can actually lead to problems worse than the fungus you were trying to get rid of to begin with.

The laser approach we use here at Dallas Laser Med changes everything. In what way? Simple: You are actually going to see real results. Incredible results. The best results in the industry, in fact.

The laser we use is fully FDA-approved for treating toenail fungus, and the studies backing our results are truly extraordinary: consistently better than 95% success rates, with several studies hitting 100%. And these were studies conducted under the most rigorous conditions with the most careful controls.

Your toenail fungus doesn't stand a chance.

How the Toenail Fungus Treatments Work

Toenail Fungus Procedure

It couldn't be easier. You simply come in when it's convenient for you and we treat all ten of your toenails with our laser for about five to ten minutes. Then you go home.


Now, just to be totally sure we are giving you the best care, we will have you come back twice more for three total treatments spaced a week apart, and repeat the procedure at no extra cost. A series of three treatments like this ensures that you end up with the very best results.

What we're actually doing with the laser requires a rather more elaborate explanation. But basically what it amounts to is making use of a pristine Nd:YAG 1064nm long-pulse laser to heat up the blood and moisture attracted by the fungus beneath your toenails . . . and then using that heat to essentially cook (or denature) the fungus dead.

Painful? No, not really. You'll feel it, sure. We want you to feel it. In order to reach the temperatures required to consistently kill off all of the fungus, you're going to feel some heat by the end of the traetment. But it's nothing to worry about. And it's over real quick anyhow. A couple of minutes on each foot and you're done.

Six or So Reasons This Treatment Is Perfect For You:

  • It's fast and easy. You're in and you're out.
  • And we're right next to Preston Center, so you can grab lunch or a great dinner (or do a little shopping) after your appointment!
  • No blood tests to worry about. No medications or side effects to worry about.
  • No lotions or creams to mess around with.
  • No surgery or anesthetic needed.
  • What you can expect instead? Only this: RESULTS.

And What Makes This Treatment So Different From Other Laser Treatments?

There are a lot of lasers out there, and a lot of them nowadays are claimed to treat Onychomycosis. But how many can actually get the job done?

Truth? Not many.

The problem with most lasers (even the ones that accomplish something) is that their beams aren't very clean and cannot deliver the right amount of . . . well . . . oomph. You would assume a laser beam is always "clean," but most lasers are rather sloppy in the way their energy is delivered. The vast majority of lasers deliver pulses with overheated hot spots in the middle of them and weak fall-off at the edges. This radically reduces the amount of the beam that can actually prove useful. And even then it's a matter of delivering a pulse long enough to build up the right amount of heat where you want it. With the wrong wavelength, you'll never get the job done. With pulses that are too short, you'll never build up the volume of energy necessary to accomplish real reasults.

Our laser is unique in many ways, with patented components enabling it to deliver the kind of beam that can actually destroy your toenail fungus once and for all.

It's in the wavelength.

It's in the precision and clarity of the beam, and the way that beam is built in the laser.

It's in the energy it is able to deliver and the duration each pulse is able to pour in energy.

Taken together, these factors combine to make possible laser results like nothing else on the market — and like no other laser in Dallas.

"My experience of Dallas Laser Med was truly extraordinary. Everything about my visit was wonderful. And the results! OMG. I am so excited about these laser treatments!"

Let's Get You In Here. Your Toenails Deserve It.

You've suffered with that ugly fungus of yours long enough. Wouldn't you like to wear open-toe shoes or sandals (or go barefoot) without worrying about how your toes look or what people might think when they catch sight of your nails?

Enough with the fungus already.

And getting rid of it is so simple now. How simple? Simple as a phone call.

Toenail Fungus

Call Us Right Now at (214) 614-8108 and Let's Take Care of That Blasted Nail Fungus For You.

If You're In Dallas and You've Got Toenail Fungus — Don't Hesitate. Call or Write In. But Get In Here Soon and Let's Get Your Toenails Healthy Again.

Give us a call today or send us a quick inquiry or email. You can find all of our contact info by clicking here. The sooner we meet, the sooner we can asses the extent of your toenail fungus condition and answer any questions you have about our procedure.

One thing is certain:

You are going to love the results.

Now that this laser treatment is available in Dallas, there's no reason to suffer the embarrassment or discomfort of fungal toenails any longer.

The solution is now simple. And fast. And affordable. And most important of all, extremely effective.

Call us at (214) 614-8108 or send us a quick inquiry by clicking here, and take advantage of the finest toenail fungus treatment in Dallas.


Like to learn more? We've prepared a helpful page showing the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about the toenail fungus procedures in Dallas, which you can visit by clicking here . . .

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