Spider Vein Removal

Your Spider Veins Are About To Be History!

Wish you could wear shorts again? You can now erase those unsightly veins around your ankles and on your legs. (Or maybe you have a vein you would like to erase from the side of your nose or on your cheek? We can take care of those too.) Dallas Laser Med of Dallas now offers you the most effective (and comfortable) vein removal in south Texas.

legs without spider veinsOften it's like magic, really. They just disappear. And that's something truly amazing to see.

Other times it might take a few weeks or months depending on your veins — but they're going to be GONE. As if they were never there.

We treat your veins once and then do a quick touch-up at six weeks. And that's it.

And it's that simple, too.

The spider vein treatments at Dallas Laser Med are unlike any other laser vein removal procedures in Dallas. The laser we use is perfectly calibrated to ignore skin pigment (which not only makes it perfectly safe on all skin colors and types, but also allows it to target the vein and not overheat the skin before it gets there). And unlike other lasers, which deliver an overheated hot-spot in the middle of each pulse (which hurts and can even burn your skin), our laser is the only laser on the market able to deliver perfectly even heat to the entire area being pulsed, a full-volume heating of the vein, knocking it all out at once. No other laser can do that.

For you what this means is a more comfortable procedure with far better results.

Vein Removal BeforeAre Your Spider Veins Are Keeping You From Wearing What You Want To Wear?

Well, that's ridiculous.

Or it is now, at least. Because if you live in or near Dallas, we can take care of your spider veins with no problem.

Even big ones. We're talking veins as thick as a line from a big Sharpie marker.
Vein Removal After
Most often they're thinner than that, of course. The most common spider veins are only about as wide as the line from a simple pen.

But those are usually the ones that are so frustrating.

Because there are often so many of them. And they seem to proliferate when they're not taken care of.

It's easy enough to take care of them, fortunately. At least if you live near Dallas. Because Dallas Laser Med can take care of your spider veins — thin ones, thick ones, everything in between — and have you sporting awesome legs again in no time.

venous lake - beforeAnd We Don't Just Treat Veins On Your Legs.

It's quite common to have an unsightly vein on the side of your nose, for instance.

And we can get rid of that for you too.

Or sometimes it's a network of veins on your cheeks.

Those we can do as well.

venous lake - afterSo whatever your spider vein problems, we have you covered. The only vein condition we can't really help with are true varicose veins — the big, chunky, extreme veins. Those need to be removed surgically. But if you have that done, we can then clean up all of your smaller spider veins and have your legs looking great again.

Give us a call at (214) 614-8108 or click here to request a consult.

Let's get you in here and talk about what we can do to give you great legs again! If you live in Dallas and you have spider veins, we've got the solution!

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